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Kids Smiles community educators use our award-winning oral health curriculum to deliver culturally sensitive, hands-on lessons to children in pre-school through high school in public, private, and charter schools. resources.  Kids Smiles’ dental screenings are performed by a licensed Public Health Dental Hygiene Practitioner in partner schools and early learning centers. The screenings are designed to identify oral health issues and connect children to a dental home. We provide legal guardians, as well as the school, with our results form, which allows for ample follow-up so the children can receive proper care. Our Outreach hygienist, Ashley Bass, has screened over 3,000 children in 2024. Kids Smiles anticipates that number to grow throughout the upcoming years! 

service_list_4 1Here’s what a Visual Dental Screening entails: 
  • Visual observation of a child’s mouth 
  • Assessment of possible risk of tooth decay 
  • Take-home written evaluation for parent/guardian’s review 

While the visual dental screening does not include any x-rays or dental treatment, our staff’s observations will provide a recommendation for their parent or guardian to take the next steps to ensure their child’s optimal oral health following the screening. After a parent or guardian reviews their child’s Visual Dental Screening Assessment, we encourage parents to schedule an appointment for their child’s full dental examination at one of our locations. 

Our dental hygienists and assistants can host multiple educational sessions at your school or community event! We cater our presentations to the age range we’re presenting to varying from Pre-K-5th grade. You can expect about half an hour of interactive full-filled games and demonstrations. Our goal is to help kids learn, understand, and retain healthy habits that will last a lifetime! That’s why our team uses a variety of visual props including puppets, giant toothbrushes, and more to keep the kids engaged and involved in a fun learning experience. 

  • Both healthy and unhealthy foods for your teeth 
  • How to properly brush and floss 
  • Fluoride toothpaste 
  • What to expect at your first dental appointment 

Our team conducts School Dental Presentations and Dental Screenings across Phladelphia schools, Head Start programs, daycares, preschools, after-school programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA’s, local community events, and more.