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Kids Smiles' goal is not simply clinical care, but health empowerment. Kids Smiles specializes in pediatric dentistry for infants through adolescents. Our dentists and dental care team are specially trained to care for baby teeth and address the oral health needs of our patients. Our award-winning model is a multi-faceted approach that addresses common barriers to oral health care, such as: lack of access to services, lack of integration between primary and oral health care, cost of care, and low oral health literacy.
Each of Kids Smiles' programs and services were established to address some if not several of these common barriers, but combined are both unique and still replicable, ensuring that the community and its children have permanent access to programs and services that will improve future health outcomes. Our services are focused on educating children and families to develop healthy habits and prevent tooth decay, but when needed, we have the ability to repair and restore your child’s smile. Our entire team, from front desk to dentist, focuses on providing oral health education to patients and parents regarding preventive care to help children avoid complications such as decay, infection, speech problems, and cosmetic issues. Kids Smiles offers language access service, free of charge, available to you.

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Kids Smiles dental centers provide preventive and restorative dental care to children from infancy up to age 18. We accept most insurance types, including Medicaid and CHIP, and will work with families to provide care regardless of insurance type or ability to pay. Kids Smiles offers language access service, free of charge, available to you. Our staff and team is diversified, which allows for our patients with different ethnic backgrounds to utilize our language resources so you can understand your child's needs. 

05. Infant Exams
Kids Smiles wants to be your child’s dental home. Establishing a “dental home” for your child can begin as early as the child’s first birthday, or about 6 months after the first tooth erupts. The health of the primary teeth are essential for chewing properly to maintain good nutrition, saving space for permanent teeth, and developing good speech habits
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To help improve your First Visit at Kids Smiles, we ask that you fill out our Patient Health History form before your appointment.
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